Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shopping 🎉 my day in one post xx

I had amazing day off. Spend afternoon with my friends and just chilled out and went for lunch and shopping. All day was really good.. Started with good coffee and some YouTube vids (that's always good start) 

I would love to do OOTD often but I don't have full body mirror. What I was about to buy but didn't find any what I really liked. End up to taking pic in h&m changing room. Well was right place according that all my clothes is from there. Accept blouse what I got in primark. 
I got more clothes, just trying to sort out where and how to take a pics. 
But I found lovely store with homeware stuff. Didn't have mirror what I loved but I got loads of little stuff like canvas for £3 and decor for basically nothing. Good to know this, as we re-doing out place. If you know about store who has nice and cheap-ish stuff let me know. 
I went to superdrugs and bought some stuff. Well a lot :) but who can't blame me, I am sure loads of other girls are same. I will do post about them soon as I will try them. Only thing what I am not sure about is nail polish from Mua. I will see how long it will last. Colour is amazing thought. Or what do you think?

Let me know if you will have any ideas about where to buy nice decorations for home. Well even make up :)

                        Xx Kat xx

Monday, 19 May 2014

Wedding weekend

I had that honour to be a bridesmaid :) I normally don't like wedding that much but this one was amazing. Weather was perfect, everyone was crying and bride was looking beautiful. 
All had been placed in small town Christchurch (dorset) and what I did love was vintage theme. If I will ever get married I wanna similar wedding :-) 
half of the decorations was bought in ikea, and to be honest I thinking about buying those bird cages myself :) they are so freaking cute :) but made those favours was nightmare, they just didn't want to hold together :)
About bridesmaid dresses.. We got great-ish colours, dress was really easy to wear! And thanks god for that, was so hot outside! I have to say.. Bride has good taste :)
I used just minimum make up and had hairs up. I found hard to wear make up when is outside so warm, using just bb cream and powder. Of course I had bronzer and blush but that just whole combo what should be together anyways :)
Hope all of you had amazing weekend! I am soo happy that summer is finally here :)

Loads of love 
                          Xx Kat xx