Friday, 28 March 2014


I had little trip to the Superdrug today. Wanted to buy just some bits and pieces but they got few offers. Firstly having 50% off to all fragrances and on most of the make up buy one and get one half price. I don't need really much make up now, but pick up few more brushes. They are cheap and its easy to work with, of course Mac is still number one. I will do article about my make up collection another time. Just wanted to share this new. But frankly Superdrugs and Boots having offers all the time.

I got DKNY Red Delicious 100ml for just £30. What I found really cheap. Unfortunately ( or thanks God) I have limit on my card, otherwise I would easily buy more perfumes. Still want to buy Emporio Armani Diamonds. If anyone have it home please let me know if its worst spending money.

Another sale was for Rimmel. I have few lipsticks from them already, and they do stay for fair amount of time. :) What I find really annoying is sticky labels on the product, when you take them off they are nightmare.

Anyways I am happy about what I got, just start thinking I will need bigger dressing table :)


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

selfie matter

I got into this selfie pics a instagram is full of pics of me, and I will not lie myself..they are pretty bad :D but its fun, I don't use any Photoshop or have needs to have polish finish. I was reading one article lately about selfie pics. That lady wrote is totally wrong. I was little bit offended by that sentence. What is wrong about that? if its way how that person express himself/herself, and make that person happy! I don't find it wrong or annoying. I don't agree with negatives comment, if you don't like something, you will simply cancel follow or not read it.
I don't like bullies and think they are just simply insecure about their lives...

So what I wanted to say was that thumb up to everyone who is yourself and original! xxx
Here is some of mine embarrassing selfies ;)